Toilet repairs balgowlah

Tap N Go plumbers are experts in toilet repairs. When fixing toilets it’s important for the plumber to assess the manufacturer and parts needed to repair the toilet.


Most customers think that toilets are the same. Over many years toilet suites have changes. Old fashioned toilets used to have to use 11.5 litres of water, then it went to 9 litres of water and today we are now down to 4.5 litres and 6 litres.


Some toilets need to have the same parts installed as what is required by the manufacture as years ago they were interchangeable. So as you can see, repairs from toilets are not as simple as they used to be. You require the correct parts and sometimes they need to be especially ordered by a plumber to obtain the correct parts that will repair your toilet.


In some cases, some toilets sold in other parts of the world e.g. China, parts are not even available anymore. This is why you need to use a licensed plumber for all your toilet repairs.


Blocked toilets can become blocked whilst your sewer system remains in working order. Common causes include a blocked drain or materials that have blocked the sewer pipes.

These problems can also be fixed with our drain cleaning equipment.
The problem can be managed with various solutions such as replacing the damaged pip with PVC, regular cleaning or the use of environmentally friendly chemicals to hinder root regrowth.


Toilet repairs, fixes and installations

Toilet repairs, fixes and installations