Hot Water Repair and Replacement

Hot Water System Repair and Replacement

Hot water is a necessity for all households and businesses that is often taken for granted until the day comes when your hot water system fails. Luckily when the time comes and you need a new hot water system installed or a hot water system repaired, TapNGo have got you covered with over 30 years experience. TapNGo offer installation and repair on both gas and electric hot water systems and offer a same day repair or installation if the job is booked before 9am. One of our experienced plumbers will assess your current system and help you determine whether it is repairable or needs replacing. Our plumber will also help determine what hot water system will meet your needs based on your hot water usage, space and budget.  

Why Replace Your Hot Water System?

Many homes contain hot water systems that are ten or more years old and of which feature older style technology and designs which are no longer up to the job in terms of performance. A new hot water system is a chance to upgrade your level of hot water storage and potentially save money on your electricity and gas bills. Modern hot water systems feature designs and new technology that help the systems retain heat for longer after the heating cycle. This means the system will spend less time heating the water as the water retains its heat for longer, in turn saving you money on gas and electricity bills. Most old water heaters are also either roof mounted or small in size, which can be frustrating for larger families that constantly run out of hot water. Upgrading your hot water system is the perfect opportunity to have a larger tank installed so that you and your family never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

Have Your Hot Water Heater Repaired Or Replaced

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